Babar Azam leads Karachi King to First PSL final victory against Lahore Qalandars

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17th Nov, 2020. 11:41 pm
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Babar Azam leads Karachi King to First PSL final victory against Lahore Qalandars.

Karachi Kings won the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 after beating Lahore Qaladners by five wickets in the final at the National Stadium Karachi.

Lahore Qaladners won the toss and decided to bat first. Qalanders managed to put a total of 134 runs on the scoreboard. Lahore Qalander’s batsmen failed to score big in the final match. Tamim Iqbal was caught first by Karachi Kings Bowlers who managed to score 35 of 38 balls with help of 4 fours and 1 six.

Waqas Masood, Arshad Iqbal, and Umaid Asif picked 2 wickets each. Karachi Kings’ bowlers did a fantastic job to restrict Qalanders to 134.

Karachi Kings, chasing 135 to win, reached the total in 18.4 overs with five wickets to spare Babar Azam has scored powerful 50 runs for his team and played once again a captain’s knock. Babar stayed calm scored 63 runs.

Kings qualified for the final after beating Multan Sultans in the nail biting qualifier match which was decided in super over.

Meanwhile, Qalanders beat Multan Sultans in the eliminator and sealed their place in the final.

Live updates on PSL 5 final 2020: Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings

Karachi Kings won by 5 wickets and beat Lahore Qalanders.

After 18 overs: 129-5 Karachi Kings

After 17.2 overs: 5th wicket gone 124-5 Rutherford 0 runs

After 17.1 overs: 4th wicket gone 124-4 Iftikhar 4 runs

After 17 overs: 124-3 Karachi Kings

After 16 overs: 114-3 Karachi Kings

After 15.1 overs: 3rd wicket gone 110-3 Walton 22 runs

After 15 overs: 110-2 Karachi Kings

After 14 overs: 99-2 Karachi Kings

After 13 overs: 85-2 Karachi Kings

After 12 overs: 80-2 Karachi Kings

After 11 overs: 76-2 Karachi Kings

After 10 overs: 69-2 Karachi Kings

After 9 overs: 63-2 Karachi Kings

After 8 overs: 53-2 Karachi Kings

After 7 overs: 50-2 Karachi Kings

After 6.5 overs: 2nd wicket gone 49-2 Alex Hales 11 runs

End of power play Karachi Kings Scored 43 runs in their power play overs.

After 6 overs: 43-1 Karachi Kings

After 5 overs: 35-1 Karachi Kings

After 4 overs: 28-1 Karachi Kings

After 3.1 overs: 1st wicket gone 23-1 Sharjeel 13 runs

After 2 overs: 20-0 Karachi Kings

After 1st over: 11-0 Karachi Kings

Karachi Kings Innings Started.

Lahore Qalanders gives target of 138 runs to Karachi Kings.

After 20 overs: 134-7 Lahore Qalanders

After 19 overs: 119-7 Lahore Qalanders

After 18.5 overs: Seventh wicket gone 118-7 Faizan 0 runs

After 18.1 overs: sixth wicket gone 111-6 Sohail 14 runs

After 18 overs: 110-5 Lahore Qalanders

After 17 overs: 104-5 Lahore Qalanders

After 16 overs: 99-5 Lahore Qalanders

After 15.4 overs: 5th wicket gone 97-5 Patel 5 runs

After 15 overs: 94-4 Lahore Qalanders

 After 14 overs: 88-4 Lahore Qalanders

After 13.2 overs: 4th wicket gone 84-4 Dunk 11 runs

After 13 overs: 78-3 Lahore Qalanders

After 12 overs: 72-3 Lahore Qalanders

After 11.1 overs: 3rd wicket gone 70-3 Hafeez 2 runs

After 10.4 overs: 2nd wicket gone 69-2 Fakhar 27 runs

After 10.1 overs: 1st wicket gone 68-1 Tamim 35 runs

After 10 overs: 68 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 9 overs: 62 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 8 overs: 59 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 7 over: 45 runs Lahore Qalanders

End of power play Lahore Qalanders has scored 37 runs in their power play overs.

Ater 6 overs: 37 runs Lahore Qalanders

Ater 5 over: 30 runs Lahore Qalanders

Ater 4 overs: 27 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 3 overs: 17 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 2 overs: 13 runs Lahore Qalanders

After 1st over: 4 runs Lahore Qalanders


Lahore Qalandars have won the toss and elected to bat first in the final of Pakistan Super League (PSL) season five.

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