TEDx Women 2020: Zainab Abbas gives detail about her journey

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2020. 08:08 pm
Zainab abbas

The famous sports presenter Zainab Abbas has recalled the challenges she faced as a woman when she enters the world of sports.

A male-run industry not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The show was titled “The missing sportsmanship in sports,” Zainab’s talk was a part of Courageous, a virtual event that features a line-up of live speakers as well as prerecorded talks given by TEDxWomen 2020.

Zainab Abbas talks about why she chose to be associated with sports and she said, that growing up, it had always been her passion to play sports, Predominantly cricket.

Zainab Abbas further added to her speech,

“The idea of sportsmanship stems from the fact that sport is generally an equalizer irrespective of gender, race, or skin color. It focuses on your talent, skills, strength, and above all, meritocracy,”

In spite of her passion for her field, though she had to face various hurdles throughout her journey before becoming a successful sports presenter.

First, it was difficult to convince her parents about her choice of career and manage their disappointment when she had to skip an exam to watch live cricket matches.

Zainab Abbas also talked about how she moved away from the world of sports after her graduation and joined a corporate organization in London where she was subjected to racism and prejudice.

And even when she got the chance to be heard for a World Cup cricket programme in Pakistan, her interviewers doubted her knowledge of the sport exclusively on the basis of her gender.


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