UFC 257: “I think he did horrible”- Nate reveals about McGregor’s performance against Poirier

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

10th Feb, 2021. 09:14 pm

Nate Diaz has evaluated Conor McGregor’s latest loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. Diaz believes that the Conor made a same blunder that he always makes when he fought Poirier in January.

In his recent interview, Nate Diaz claimed that McGregor owned Poirier during the fight, but The Notorious dropped the ball on a possible victory. Diaz further took a shot at McGregor switching up his style and playing “Mr… Nice Guy” in the lead-up to the fight.

Nate said in his statement that,

“I thought Dustin Poirier was pretty owned the whole way through and Conor dropped the ball. He was owning Dustin, the way Dustin was told the whole way through, it was just kind of corny, kind of funny to me. And then I think Conor had it going but I think it fell back the same way and I think he fu**ed up more than Dustin.”

Nate Diaz additional pointed out the resemblances to McGregor’s performance in his fights against Floyd Mayweather and Diaz himself. The Stockton superstar added that McGregor took Mayweather’s bait during their bout, which cost him.

He further added to his statement that,

“I think he did horrible, I think he did exactly what these boxers and I, and everybody, thought he would do. He went in there, made himself punch himself out, and got knocked out. He didn’t learn from when I fought him, I think Floyd May weather watched the blueprint right there on how to beat him and thought, ‘okay, go make him punch himself out and then finish him off’.”

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