“Being An Athlete With A Toddler is definitely not easy”: Sania Mirza

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 03:32 pm
Sania Mirza

Famed tennis star Sania Mirza has recently opened up about the challenges of being an athlete and a mother.

In a recent interview, the player said she faced a lot of difficulties getting a visa for England. “Even till the last moment, we weren’t being allowed to board the plane, added Sania Mirza.

“The plane was leaving in five minutes and there was an issue with the visa. It was really dramatic,” she said.

Upon arrival in England, she said she received an exception being an athlete but her son and sister didn’t, which is why they had to be quarantined as per government directives.

The athlete added that she saw her son for the first time in nine days today and didn’t understand why her son wasn’t an essential part of her team.

“I think being an athlete in these times or any career is tough enough. But being a mother who has to travel from week to week with a toddler or with a young daughter is definitely not easy. And it’s got its own set of challenges.”

Moreover, Mirza further said she was at Wimbledon and that’s what mattered.

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