Due to COVID-19, Aus withdraws from the junior men’s hockey world championships in Ind and the Pro League

Tahir Yameen

17th Sep, 2021. 08:52 pm
WAPDA and NBP will meet in the final of All Pakistan Hockey Tournament

WAPDA and NBP will meet in the final of All Pakistan Hockey Tournament

Due to COVID-19-related government travel restrictions, Australia withdrew from numerous forthcoming FIH tournaments, including the junior men’s hockey World Cup in India later this year. This year’s junior men’s World Cup will be placed in November and December.

In a statement, HA said, “Australia and New Zealand will not take part in Season 3 of the FIH Pro League (scheduled to start in October 2021) as a result of COVID-related government travel restrictions and uncertainty in both nations.”

“All participating countries and the FIH Pro League Council agreed it was untenable for international teams to travel to Australia and New Zealand, as well as for Australian and New Zealand teams to play overseas and return without having to quarantine.”

Michael Johnston, the Acting CEO of HA, said “Based on risk assessment and current Australian government health advice, Hockey Australia is not considering overseas hockey-related trips at this time,” said HA Acting CEO, Michael Johnston.”

“The decision on our absence from the FIH Pro League was a collective one agreed on by all nations based primarily on other countries’ difficulty or inability to travel into Australia and New Zealand. “In Australia, it is apparent the easing of international travel restrictions is still a way off and none of the competing countries wanted to enter the next Pro League season without a level of assuredness.”





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