Migos rapper
Migos rapper Takeoff’s death has been officially ruled a homicide

The Harris County Medical Examiner's office determined that the 28-year-old musician died as a result of "penetrating gunshot wounds of...

71 year old man dies
71-year-old man dies six weeks after hit by 15-year-old boy
A 14-year-old girl’s death in Maine has been ruled a homicide
Vadnais Lake
Vadnais Lake triple homicide left two children dead and one missing
US President Reagan’s shooter John Hinckley released after 41 years
Egyptian minister’s son faces murder charges over US double homicide
Man fatally shot on Fremont Street in Norfolk, Virginia
Lily Peters murder case; preliminary autopsy report is out
A man in Essex shopping center killed by suspected Black or Asian men
Homicide spikes in Austin; three shootings in 8 hours
A 10-year old girl from Wisconsin who went missing has been found dead in the woods
GUNS top the list of causes of death in 2020 for the first time ever