Prince Harry's memoir is about he won’t ever be King
Prince Harry’s memoir is about he won’t ever be King

Prince Harry announced that the title of his upcoming, much-anticipated memoir will be Spare. Piers Morgan called him out for...

Harry intends to "coup d'etat" Charles before becoming king
Harry intends to “coup d’etat” Charles before becoming king
'Very qualified!' Anne and Sophie favoured to represent King
‘Very qualified!’ Anne and Sophie favoured to represent King
Prince George
Prince George is preparing to become King of the UK
Prince Andrew and Princess Diana
Prince Andrew and Diana conspired to stop Charles from becoming king
Queen Elizabeth
Prince William ‘wants’ to follow Queen Elizabeth as king
Queen Elizabeth
When King refused for World War II & Queen Elizabeth stepped in
Following Queen Elizabeth’s demise, a fan may talk to King Charles “privately.”
Bank of England explains how King Charles notes will replace Queen
Johnny Depp
Fans of Johnny Depp are thrilled that the king is back
Camilla tried to mirror the Queen to win public favor
Prince William
Royal biographer discusses future monarch Prince William’s ‘increasing influence.’
Queen Elizabeth
Queen is an ‘amazing role model’ for Prince William’s role as King
President Biden calls on Congress to approve a bipartisan gun-control bill/
Joe Biden to visit Middle East, meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth’s Lipstick Shade (at 96!) Is a closely guarded secret
Prince Harry
As he leans out of his high-security car to meet children, Prince Harry recoils after receiving a static charge following a high-five with a fan
Expert says the Queen was very disappointed’ not to have met Lilibet during Harry and Meghan’s visit.
Watch: Wasim Akram overjoyed after seeing clean Seaview beach
Malaysia’s King Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah out on roads to help flood victims
Saudi Arabia celebrates its 91st birthday with fireworks and festivities
Saudi Arabia
Saudi King reshuffles his cabinet, economy minister moves to Royal Court
Mahathir Mohamad
Muhyiddin Yassin to replace Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday
Mahathir Mohamad
Mahathir Mohamad submits resignation to the King
Saudi King Salman appreciates Pakistan’s role for peace in region
Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed’s painting brings in customer says Lahore street artist