San Antonio

Four Americans
Four Americans missing after being held hostage in Matamoros

The FBI is searching for four Americans who went missing after being attacked and taken hostage. FBI has declared a...

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner recuperates at military medical facility in Texas
94 migrants flee in truck in Mexico amid suffocation
US opens probe after 50 migrants die in sweltering trailer
San Antonio found 46 migrants dead in a semitruck.
46 migrants found dead near US city: police
Chicago mass shooting
Hundreds of people injured in major city shootings in Chicago and other countries
Russian oligarch's wife and daughter found death in Spanish villa
A woman shoots a break in culprit to protect her children
Texas: A mother shoots a man after he breaks into the house with her children inside
Atlanta Hawks
Hawks cheats Hornets, Pelicans vanish Spurs
ryan garcia
Ryan Garcia Vs. Emmanuel Tagoe: Undercards, odds and prediction
Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets defeated by the San Antonio Spurs.