First four-legged dog robot can climb ladders

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

30th November, 2019

Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have created a quadruped robot capable of climbing a vertical ladder without assistance.

The robot debuted at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems earlier this month.

The achievement represents the latest physical feat by a quadruped robot that approaches the capabilities of living animals.

Robot dogs made by other research teams have been trained to open doors, withstand destabilizing blows, and run across uneven ground.

While there’s no single intended purpose researchers have in mind for quadruped robots, government agencies are already expressing interest — earlier this year,

Massachusetts police began working with “Spot,” a robot dog designed by Boston Dynamics.

The robot weighs in at just over 15 pounds, and is equipped with 3D cameras on its head and touch and force sensors on its claws.

The robot uses a neural network to automatically teach itself to balance as it climbs the ladder.

The robot uses a neural network to automatically teach itself to balance as it climbs the ladder.

Once at the top of the ladder, the robot uses its rear claws to grip the top rung and shift its weight forward.

The robot was specifically programmed to climb the ladder used in the demonstration video, but researchers plan to teach it to climb a ladder of any dimensions.

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