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Italian minister seeks Huawei’s 5G role in Italy

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

30th Dec, 2019. 12:07 pm
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tech giant huawei

Chinese telecoms firm Huawei should be allowed a role in Italy’s future 5G network.

The Italian industry minister said after an influential parliamentary committee called on Rome to block the company.

The United States has lobbied Italy and other European allies to avoid using Huawei equipment in their next generation networks.

It should closely scrutinize rival ZTE, saying the companies could pose a security risk.

Both companies have strongly denied there is any such risk.

“We have passed legislation that guarantees national security. With the right defences, the possibility of (Huawei’s) access is not up for debate”, a statement said.

Last week, Italy’s parliamentary security committee Copasir said the government should consider preventing Huawei and ZTE from taking part in the development of 5G networks.

Italy’s biggest phone group Telecom Italia (TIM) is in the process of choosing suppliers to upgrade its network infrastructure.

Moreover, Chinese firm Huawei is among possible contenders.

China disapproves tech giants for app privacy violations

Chinese tech giants Tencent and Xiaomi reprimanded by Beijing for designing apps that infringe on users’ privacy.

China has recently tightened its privacy of companies that gather data from consumers.

China as well exercises close surveillance of online activity.

Xiaomi Finance and Tencent’s instant messaging service QQ among dozens of problematic apps named and shamed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

However, QQ forces users to allow the app to track their usage habits so it can show targeted ads, the ministry said in a statement.

So, if users do not give up their phone permissions, they cannot access the app at all, it added.

Warning of punishment called if the privacy issues not fixed by December 31.

On the other hand, Smartphone maker Xiaomi’s finance app created “difficulty” for users looking to cancel their account.

Earlier, a face-swapping app named Zao quickly became one of China’s most downloaded apps.

It also triggered a backlash over privacy fears.

The app allowed users to insert themselves into scenes from well-known movies using “deepfake” technology.

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