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Scientists working to create brain-like memory device

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

01st Jan, 2020. 03:31 pm
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brain-like memory device

Researchers are developing a brain-like memory device using neuromorphic network material.

International joint research is currently working on the development of brain-like memory device, the team is led by the National Institute for Material Science.

This research will also be helping to understand the data processing mechanism of the brain.

The purpose of the team is to create the memory device for operating using fundamentally different principles than the principles used in current computers.

Neuromorphic computing is related to emulate the neural structure and function of the human brain, as per chip giant Intel.

The researchers reported in a study that they managed to fabricate a neuromorphic network consisting of metallic nanowires.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The research team was capable of making electrical characteristics that a human brain possesses such as learning, memorization, becoming alert, forgetting, becoming calm, etc., using this network.

The researchers have clarified the mechanisms that introduced these electrical features.

Artificial Intelligence methods are becoming advanced gradually and are becoming important parts of technology.

AI uses the information in a way similar to that of the human brain. However, there is still a need to determine the mechanisms through which human brain functions.

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The researchers are studying parts of the brain such as neurons and synapses.

The brain is considered a mysterious organ, as scientists still do not fully understand how the brain becomes alert, how it memorizes, how it forgets etc.

Researchers are experimenting and studying the system of the brains such as processing and other features.




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