AI used to discover Antibiotic that could fight world’s most dangerous bacteria

By Syed Umarullah Hussaini - Web Editor

21st February, 2020

Scientists have used artificial intelligence AI to discover a new type of antibiotic which could kill some of the world’s most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.

As per details, a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said artificial intelligence AI used to discover a new type of antibiotic.

Scientists said their machine-learning algorithm was able to identify a powerful new antibiotic compound which did not develop any resistance during a 30-day treatment period on mice.

The researchers claim the AI technology is able to work more quickly and efficiently than existing efforts, because it checks more than 100 million chemical compounds in a matter of days to pick out potential antibiotics that kill bacteria.

It trained specifically to track down possible antibiotic molecules known for being effective against E.coli growth.

“We’re facing a growing crisis around antibiotic resistance, and this situation is being generated by both an increasing number of pathogens becoming resistant to existing antibiotics, and an anaemic pipeline in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for new antibiotics,” said MIT’s Professor James Collins, who is also co-founder of an antibiotic drug discovery firm EnBiotix.

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