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WhatsApp hidden feature now tells whether the message is read or not

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

23rd Feb, 2020. 04:29 pm
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WhatsApp is evidently the most popular social messaging platform for most users around the globe.

For the same reason, WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its app for smoother performance and also better privacy.

One of the primary features that WhatsApp introduced years back was the Blue ticks, which lets the sender know if the receiver has seen the message or not.

The moment the ticks of a particular message turns blue, it reflects that the receiver has read the message.

Back when the feature was introduced, the chat app faced a lot of criticism for violating the privacy of the people who did not want the sender to know whether they have read the sent message or not, for whatever reason that may be.

To those concerned users, WhatsApp also incorporated the option to disable the blue ticks, or the read receipt option.

Keeping the read receipt option disabled, the app ensured the receivers of the messages would not alert the sender whether he or she has read the message.

There could be myriad reasons to switch off the blue ticks feature.

But on the other hand, it can also prove to be upsetting to the sender who is awaiting for a reply assuming the receiver would read the message sooner or later.

However, there is a trick to work around this feature to know if the message is read even with blue ticks turned off.

What’s more? The receiver would not even come to know if you are able to see if the messages you sent are being read or not.

The following trick is simple and carries some specific ways of sending a message and if you want to follow the trick, chances are you may be judged for the unusual need to defy someone’s right to read or not read, and even to reply or not reply to you.

The trick is can get annoying if you keep doing it with every person on your contact list or even one person repeatedly.

Nevertheless, the trick is a tried and tested one and it would work every time you want to pull it off. Here is how to do it:

First things first, to turn on or off the read receipt option, open WhatsApp, go to Settings option, tap on Privacy and toggle between the Read Receipts header.

Under the option, you will see a disclaimer by WhatsApp which reads:

“If you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. Read receipts are always set for group chats.”

This is your first method, right there. WhatsApp clearly tells you that the read receipts option does not work for group chats so you can always rest assured that you’ll be able to check if the messages, media and other documents are being read even if you really didn’t care about it.

Blue ticks feature was introduced in 2014 with a tiny loophole.

Once disables, the blue ticks are turned off for WhastApp texts and media on individual chats.

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