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Facebook Messenger can be dangerous to notify your location and activities

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

31st Mar, 2020. 02:43 pm
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Facebook Messenger now can notify your location

Facebook Messenger now can automatically notify your friends about what you are doing. With the recent update, facebook messenger can notify your closest friends whether you are in the gym or are driving.

The Messenger has prototyped a ported version of the Instagram close friends-only Threads app’s Auto Status option that was introduced in October.

This feature on Messenger will access your location, accelerometer and battery life to examine what you are up to. It will then share it with your particular subset of friends.

However, it will notify your friends by using emojis to explain the activity better instead of sharing exact coordinates.

For example, it will inform whether you are riding a bike, or you are at airport, or charging a phone.

The news source says that the feature could become Facebook’s version of the AOL Away Message if launched, enabling people to stay in closer touch without the creepiness of exact location sharing. In addition to this, it will also help people make plans with you by revealing with you are up to.

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