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Coronavirus live update: Top conference calling applications you need to know

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

14th Mar, 2020. 04:39 pm
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Coronavirus live update: Top conference calling applications you need to know

Coronavirus outbreak has created intense situation all over the world and being in crowd is risky. People want to remain distant but also want to socialize for both formal and informal purposes. Authorities have also shut down schools and other educational institutions to avoid the spread of virus. However, advanced communication tools have contracted the distances and brought people closer. Here are some of the popular conference calling applications you can use to study.


Skype is a renowned video chatting application that is used for free calls overseas. The app is owned by Microsoft. Skype has remain highly popular for professional calls as well as friendly communication with living in every corner of the world. Around 50 people can join the call at a time.


Zoom app is widely being used for video calls, online official conferences, classes and other professional purposes. The app is available for free, but a call session has a limit of 40 minutes. You will have to pay $14.99 for longer conferences and more participants. Over 100 people can be on a call for free, more people can join with a fee.


WhatsApp is a social media app that offers the option of video call in addition to text, voice notes and audio calls. Students and professionals can join each other with convenient video call experience. Up to 4 people can join a video call together.

Face time

Face Time is another video calling app that provides ideal experience. However, the app is designed for Apple iOS only. Android phones do not support Face Time. Around 32 people can communicate through video call together at a time.

Google Duo

Another feasible option for convenient communication is Google Duo. No matter what type of mobile do you or your friends use, this app is supportive for both android and iOS. Right people can be on a single call.

Google hangouts

The Hangouts is another popular video chatting app you can use. Over 10 people can be in a video call at a time.

This app is designed especially for gamers. Nightly games are played usually. Around 100 people can join at a time.


This app also serves the similar purposes like others. Eight people can be on video call at a time.

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger offers numerous exciting features. Other than chatting, audio and video calls, user can play games and can send money as well. In addition to this, there is also a Messenger version for kids that enable them get rid of adult content.

Six people can join video call at a time.

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