Xbox Series S expected to launch with $300 price tag

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th Mar, 2020. 12:59 pm

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One, they later followed up with a more affordable model in the form of the Xbox One S.

They then launched a more expensive model with the Xbox One X.

We expect that this will be the same formula the company will adopt with the Series X.

Hence the name, where there will be a “series” of different consoles under the play station family.

However, no one really knows how much these consoles will cost, but according to the latest rumors, the Xbox Series S could be priced starting at $300.

Codenamed “Lockhart”, the Series S can be seen as the successor to the Xbox One S.

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It is rumored to be using Zen + Navi architecture and a GPU with a floating-point performance of 4 teraflops.

While $300 isn’t exactly “cheap” per se, when you consider the rumors that the next-gen consoles from Microsoft.

Sony have been said to cost anywhere between $600 – $800.

$300 seems like a downright steal.

However, we’re not sure how big of a compromise gamers will be making, especially with such a huge price difference.

With the current-gen consoles, Microsoft has made it so that all games are playable across all Xbox One consoles, regardless if you have the original model, the S model, or the X model.

Hopefully official pricing will be revealed soon, so until then, take it with a grain of salt.

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