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Youtube will Allow Creators to Sell Ads to Brands

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

02nd Mar, 2020. 10:32 pm
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Youtube Creators are really concerned about their channels getting demonetized due to policy violations. In order make things feasible for the creator community Youtube is working on a program that will allow creators to sell ads directly to brands.

According to Tom Leung director of product management at YouTube, the program has some limitations as it only allows to work with brands they have established a relationships.

Tom Leung acknowledged that many people are curious about the the program but it still is in its initial stages. More details will be shared with creators as soon as possible.

Youtube Creators have been requesting more control over ads and having an advertising strategy that is not dependent only on YouTube. Good content allows top creators to generate more ad revenue through higher CPM rates, the money they get against every 1,000 views

Roberto Blake, a YouTuber, said “successful creators have grown on the platform through difficulties while coping up with the advertising guidelines. They had to take hard decisions on the way”.

As the advertising complexities grew, 2 other useful options were introduced, including brand deals or sponsorship programs and alternative monetization. Alternative monetization includes the Super Chat features, allowing creators to charge fans $5 in case they.

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