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5 reasons people are using YouTube during social distancing

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Apr, 2020. 05:19 pm
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aYouTube is a widely-used platform for watching various types of genres. However, the use of YouTube has increased more during lockdown situations worldwide. Here are the five major reasons YouTube is widely being used for.

Work-from-home activities

Several people are switching towards work-from-home during the ongoing lockdown. Relevant professionals keep sharing professional tips as well as creative ideas to implement during work from home. People are sharing tips to decorate room for work, how to be productive during work from home, what equipment is required to work from home, and so on. Workers watch those videos to get amazing ideas.

Study at home

Like working from home, the idea of studying online from home is also being promoted. Several institutions take online exams and online classes. As students find it difficult to get proper lectures these days, they get study materials on the internet. Also, videos give a practical demonstration with examples of the topics students want to study. Students are learning into “study with me” videos, a trend on YouTube.

Meal making

Local and famous eateries are closed during the lockdown. People cannot go out for dine-in or order online to enjoy their favorite fast food, foreign dishes, and other items. This is another one of the reasons of using YouTube. However, this lockdown has given a chance for people to show their creativity. They are watching food recipes videos and other meal preparation videos to get ideas and learn cooking various types of meals.

Fitness at home

Fitness freaks, who regularly go to the gym or out for jogging, are taking the help of YouTube to watch fitness tutorials and workout sessions. Several fitness experts are also uploading their workout videos for the people. This helps them maintain their physique and keep them fit even staying indoors.


Apart from professional purposes, people are also using this vast video platform for their free time. Some internet users are also trying to control anxiety and reduce stress through YouTube videos. While some relax through funny content and music.

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