Coronavirus lockdown-Kid makes a video game to fight against COVID-19

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

26th Apr, 2020. 06:52 pm
Coronavirus lockdown-Kid makes a video game to fight against COVID-29

A nine-year-old Italian kid creates a video game to virtually battle against coronavirus during the lockdown.

The kid Lupo Daturi watches online tutorials to get started for building a game name Cerba-20.

Where others are struggling to cope up with Covid-19 and related issues, this young boy did something innovative. The boy is a fourth-grade student from the outskirts of Milan.

The boy said, “I had to stop all the sports I did because of COVID-19,”

“I can’t even go to the pond with my dog. Instead of playing sports – skiing, swimming, and karate – I have to make do with an exercise bike.”

This led Lupo to think about programming. He shares this passion with his father Marco, a business manager.

Lupo says that he plays the game with his friends, and he is going to teach them how to programme.
His father says, “He also receives requests from his teachers to programme something useful, not just games,”

The game involves ‘seek and destroy’ with lasers. The player in this game is Cerba-20 spacecraft whereas the enemy is COVID-19.

“I’m not worried because my son is not a ‘nerd’,” says 44-year-old Francesca Zambonin, who is just “happy because he is passionate about something that can help him.”

“The fact that he invented a game that has gone viral makes me happy because it motivates him to do even more.”

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