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Know the advantages & drawbacks of using WhatsApp

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

14th Apr, 2020. 11:23 am
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whatsapp messages

WhatsApp Message is Free while Text Messages are cost money. With WhatsApp group chat, members can communicate easily while with text messages it is not possible to discuss in a group.

As we avail many advantages from WhatsApp, we should also know the drawbacks we ignore being indulged in the world of WhatsApp.


Connectivity: Sending messages, and making calls have a new destination, WhatsApp. So even without a balance, we can reach our loved ones.

Sharing: It has a capability to share wide variety of media, be it photos, audio, video, and even documents.

Call over data: The best feature that was ever introduced on WhatsApp is Voice and Video Calls. It uses your data connection and lets you connect instantly to any person residing at any corner of the world.

Group messages and Broadcasting: Want to send the same message to everyone at a moment, make a group to share it. Want to keep anonymity of receivers, Broadcast it, only you will know the people you send message.

Intuitive chat: You can use various typing techniques while chatting, like put *your word* to make it bold; use _your word_ for italics; and use ~your word~ for strikethrough the text.

Smart Reply: Just suppose someone asked you two questions separately, then you can mention which answer you are replying.


Time Loss: Chatting with a buddy is interesting. But, you don’t realize that time keeps on passing by and you just spent it using your phone.

Relationship suspension: You said bye, I gotta work and ends chatting with her/him but still keeps online chatting with others. Your partner might think, you are ignoring her/him, that might cause friction in your relationship.

Reduces Productivity: It has been observed that a lot of workers use WhatsApp during working hours. Some companies transact their businesses via whatsapp chats, exchange of messages, audios, pictures and videos.

However, productivity at the workplace reduces when one uses working hours more often to check and respond to personal messages other than business.

Nuisance if not on mute: Sometimes, the rate at which WhatsApp messages are received could be a nuisance if the group is not muted. The message tone becomes a nuisance where it rings continuously within short intervals.

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