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Apple and Google release Coronavirus-tracing technology

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st May, 2020. 09:59 am
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Apple and Google

Tech giants Apple and Google have released a helpful technology to help people know about their COVID-19 exposure.

According Apple and Google, around 22 countries are planning to build tracing phone apps with the help of software. It works through Bluetooth wireless technology for the detection.

After a user downloads the tracing application, he will receive an alert whether he is exposed to other person which has Coronavirus symptoms. Which will tell that the COVID-19-positive individual also has the application enabled on his phone.

Digital contact tracing is faster than traditional tracing. It can make it easier to track exposure in crowded spaces.

Many of the tracking apps in several countries have been unsuccessful, with some technical problems on Apple and Android phones.

They often use GPS to track people’s location, which Apple and Google are banning from their new tool because of privacy and accuracy concerns.

In Germany, some public health agencies are waiting to use the latest technology during to battle against the deadly virus. While, other governments have said the tech giants’ privacy restrictions will be a hindrance because health workers will have no access to the data.

Some privacy advocates have favored the Google-Apple approach because it offers more privacy and security. Ryan Calo, a law professor at University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab said public health agencies would be better off being able to track location with careful safeguards.

Moreover, Apple is planning to offer augmented reality (AR) glasses to replace the iPhone, and now more details have come to light.

A new leak states that the device will be named Apple Glass and not surprising because Google also named its smart glasses Google Glass.

According to the leak, Apple Glass will be a device similar to the first Apple Watch in which most of the processing work will be done in the user’s iPhone.

Similarly, both lenses of the frame will have a display while Users will not wear sunglasses.

The first Apple Glass will not have a camera on the frame, while the LEDAR sensor can be used to determine distance and span.

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