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Facebook introduces ‘Collab’ – A TikTok inspired video creating app

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

31st May, 2020. 12:15 pm
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Facebook Collab App

Social-networking giant Facebook has rolled out a new app inspired by TikTok that will allow users to make short videos together.

The new app ‘Collab’ by Facebook will help to approach to collaborative music-making, enabling people to create music videos split into three simultaneous parts. The idea is that each part will feature the same song played on a different instrument.

The app will allow friends or strangers to collaborating to create a song together, or a user can provide all three clips themselves.

Developed by Facebook’s new product experimentation division, the app hopes to emulate the collaborative success of TikTok and much like the video-sharing platform.

However, all Collab videos must be posted on the app’s feed first before they can be used elsewhere.

The collab app will also allow videos uploaded to the platform to be edited and remixed by users. So, if for example, you were looking for a guitar segment to add to your video, you could take any video posted publicly to Collab and include it in your own clip.

This means that, if Collab were to take off and attract celebrity users in the same way TikTok has, there is a chance people could find themselves creating music videos featuring their favourite musicians.

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