Messenger users are no more bound to reply friends with this new feature

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th May, 2020. 10:44 am
Messenger hide notifications

With various of new features, Facebook makes it easy for its users to feel free while using the app. This time Facebook Messenger has rolled something helpful in order to avoid pressure many feel to respond to friends right away.

Google Chrome plugin allows Facebook Messenger users to hide the ‘seen’ notification on their messages so that a user is no more bound to reply in any case.

The add-on, which only works if you use Chrome as your internet browser, is free to install and can be turned on and off at your discretion.

The hide notification named ‘Unseen for Facebook’ has been given 4.5 stars from over 4,000 reviews, with users having the power of being ‘seen’ in their hands.

There is a secondary feature which makes sure you don’t show active when you are, so people can’t tell the last time you came online.

There are a number of similar plugin’s offering the same privacy as Unseen, although they also focus on blocking delivery receipts so people can’t see if you’ve even got their message.

One more feature called ‘Delete All Messages for Facebook’ will quickly remove every message you’ve ever sent or that sits in your inbox.

Facebook Buys GIPHY, The Most Popular Gif Service

Earlier, Facebook has bought the world’s most popular animated photo-sharing service, GIPHY, and made it part of Instagram.

Vishal Shah, Facebook’s vice president of product division, confirmed in a blog post. He wrote “GIPHY, a leader in visual expression and creation, is joining the Facebook company today as part of the Instagram team.”

“GIPHY makes everyday conversations more entertaining, and so we plan to further integrate their GIF library into Instagram and our other apps so that people can find just the right way to express themselves.”

GIPHY APIs have been used by Facebook for years in various services such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook has bought GIPHY for $4 million and has been trying to buy the service since 2015.

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