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Tech giant Apple to launch 10-inch iPad this year, Eye Glasses in 2022

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th May, 2020. 04:14 pm
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Tech giant Apple

Tech giant Apple amidst the ongoing economical crisis due to Coronavirus outbreak, plans to launch a few products scheduled for late 2020 and early 2021.

According to the details, Tech giant Apple can possibly launch an affordable 10.8 inch-pad and a mini iPad between 8.5-9 inches in the early 2021.

The upcoming models will follow iPhone SE’s product strategy in that their main selling points are their affordable price tags and their use of Apple’s latest and fastest chips, an analyst said.

However, no price has been finalized for the products yet, but Apple’s cheapest 10-inch iPad currently costs $329. The analyst is known to make accurate predictions about Apple’s upcoming products over the years, including the new iPhone SE.

Apple announced the $400 iPhone model, which is powered by the same chip found in its most expensive smartphones, in April.

In addition, the analyst predicted that the company is launching a pair of augmented reality eyewear called Apple Glasses in 2022.

Unlike the iPads, the Glasses will likely never be described as “affordable” — he said its lens will require multi-layer laminations leading to high lamination costs.

Earlier, Apple had debuted its new iPhone SE 2020 for $399 which has similar looks and specs as iPhone 8.

The company, however, has decided to end iPhone 8’s flagship as of having same feature like the new iPhone SE.

When it first debuted, the iPhone 8 cost $699, but the price lowered to $449 before Apple pulled the plug on it.

These days, you can still get the phone from third-party retailers for even less.

The iPhone SE may share many of the iPhone 8’s specs, but for $50 more you’ll get more mileage out of a phone that isn’t going to be three years old out-of-the-box.

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