Do you know why your car’s AC is not cooling properly?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

28th Jun, 2020. 05:49 pm

Imagine going out in your car during the hot summer afternoon and your car’s AC stops working suddenly. It will not be more than a nightmare for anyone. 

For most vehicles, the problem occurs sometime in their lifetime. Bad air conditioning unit management is the key reason for car air conditioner not blowing cool air. It is important to check the machine from time to time to keep it in great condition.

If you cannot find out the problem behind the hot air, here are some reasons why your car’s AC may not be blowing cool air.

Damaged Condenser Fan:

The condenser of the air conditioning unit in your car is meant to re-cool hot refrigerant. It can get blocked by debris, however, and it breaks down by a puncture at times. This leads to problem efficiency and malfunction of the machinery.

Leaking Refrigerant:

A leak during the air-conditioning cycle can occur at any time. At times the precise location of the hole is particularly difficult to locate. Nevertheless, the most common leaks are typically found at the connections of the A / C unit to the hose.

Fault in Electrical Wiring:

Electrical wiring can be extremely tricky. In addition, electrical problems are among the most challenging problems to find, diagnose, and fix before any excessive damage is done. If nothing is picked from a viral test, you can take your car to an expert as soon as possible before more damage occurs.

It is better to take your car to the mechanic at one before it gets too late and you’ll end up spending extra money on the car’s AC.


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