Erangel Map by PUBG Mobile reportedly leaked

Erangel Map by PUBG Mobile reportedly leaked

Erangel Map by PUBG Mobile reportedly leaked

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PBUG) timely shows up with new and exciting updates, sometimes with new maps as well. This time, it has leaked ‘Erangel map’ which is the most popular map in the game.

According to reports, the revamped version of the Erangel map was revealed in the beta of the Chinese version of the game, Game for Peace.

It is expected that the new Erangel map will make its presence soon in the in the game around the world. Although it has made its presence in the Chinese gaming circuit already.

Here are some changes that the map could bring to the game:

Route Planner


The route planner helps in planning the route of the players in advance. The player will have the facility to point some locations beforehand which are supposed to act as the way-points, helping to make a planned route. This would help players to go through the exact route without having to open the map multiple times.

Ultra HD graphics settings

This option has been added to the beta version of Game for Peace. Although this already prevails in the global version of the game PUBG mobile but not the beta version of it.

Vehicle Control customization

The addition of this feature allows the players to further customize the controls of their vehicles while driving.

PUBG’s Mysterious Jungle update sparked outrage 

Earlier, PUBG video game faced huge criticism among Muslim players as they accused the video game developers of promoting ‘idol worshipping’.

According to reports, the controversy erupted after PUBG released a new feature titled ‘Mysterious Jungle’, which triggered a backlash in Islamic societies for allegedly pushing forms ‘idol worshipping’.

Following this update, many Muslim players took it as an insult to their religion as idol worship is prohibited in Islam.

The players took to Twitter to slam the creators of PUBG for promoting idol worshipping and asked fellow Muslims to uninstall the video game application

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