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Only 21% Indians will uninstall TikTop app after conflict with China: Report

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

22nd Jun, 2020. 01:41 pm
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TikTok app uninstall

The India-China standoff last week, where the country lost 20 of its brave Indian soldiers, has spurred anti-China sentiment among many Indians.

Due to the conflict, many want the government to ban the sale of Chinese products in the country and also block apps that have Chinese origin. The Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) conducted a ‘gun-shot’ telephonic survey over June 17 and June 18 to understand consumer sentiment on Chinese brands and also the usage of Chinese applications such as TikTok.

IIHB asked a few quick-fire questions to 408 people on whether they will uninstall TikTok because it’s a Chinese app.

According to the report, 56 per cent know TikTok is a Chinese app. 32 per cent didn’t know about it. The report also stated that only 21 per cent said they will uninstall TikTok because it’s a Chinese app while 62 per cent are doubtful and said ‘maybe’, while 11 per cent said no.

The report stated that there is low knowledge of the actual country of origin of all the Chinese brands. Overall, the report noted only 32 per cent of respondents got the country of origin correct in the case of China.

“This has two implications: 1) the Chinese brands have done a good Jon in masking their Sino identity and many consumers actually believe they are local brands, perhaps because of their ubiquitous presence in media and on retail shelves. 2) Consumers actually don’t care for the country of origin,” stated the IIHB report.

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