Ducky Bhai criticizes PUBG ban in Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Jul, 2020. 10:53 pm

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned the online game Players Unknown Battleground  (PUBG) temporarily in Pakistan. With the ban, the future of many E-sports players gets at risk.

One of famous celebrities Waqar Zaka has always been vocal about things which are not appreciated in Pakistan like the emergence of E-sports, as many people believe one always waste his time if giving extra time to play online games.

Ducky Bhai, a famous YouTuber, and gamer, while talking to Zaka explained how the ban on PUBG has affected gamers, who want to make a career out of E-sports.

 “If people start accepting it as a legitimate argument then I don’t think any app, gaming or not, is secure in the future. It doesn’t make sense to ban an app used by millions just because of an issue relating to one person.”

Talking about the country’s growing potential for e-sports, Ducky pressed on how Pakistan’s PUBG numbers are motivating enough to have the makers give the region preference, something that rarely happens for other games in the country.

“Just over a few days ago, PUBG mobile, on its official website, announced that it had improved servers in Pakistan. That, in fact, has happened. Why did PUBG makers do it? Well, they must’ve noticed that there are serious players in the country.”

He told that the ban on PUBG alone would impact Pakistan’s E-sports.

 “It’s going to have a significant impact. PUBG’s player count is way higher than other video games, including Fortnite. Even though Fortnite is a better platform globally, when it comes to Pakistan, facts are facts. Rarely do I come across a Pakistani player while playing Fortnite. But when I play PUBG, every time, I come across a Pakistani player. All my friends are online 24/7. Even my milk delivery guy is playing PUBG.”

The social media personality highlighted that E-sports is considered one of the biggest industries in entertainment, globally.

“It’s at number one. Gaming is bigger than Hollywood, Bollywood. Gaming is the kind of thing that both kids and the elderly enjoy. You don’t need six packs to enter gaming. If you have an interest in it, even if you think of it as a time pass, once you enter it you can eventually make it to pro-level. Just have to keep on doing it.”

Adding to that, Ducky talked about how the powers that be and parents should realize that gaming also holds teens away from various addictions.

“If you go to any gamer, he wouldn’t be wandering aimlessly, indulging in various vices. You wouldn’t see a gamer smoking, watching objectionable material on the internet, and doing drugs. Why? Because they would be too busy focusing on video games. I myself have been shielded from such activities only because of gaming.”

Apart from this, Ducky concluded by saying that playing games allow people to handle loneliness.

“Some people have social anxiety and are unable to interact with people in their real lives. But in online gaming, you have to talk to people. It betters your communication skills. There are kids who don’t have any friends and are sad because of it. In gaming, you are connected to people all around the world, be it duos or squads…you get to make friends. My discord is full of people that I have met only through gaming, whom I now consider friends.”

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