Google plans to build new transatlantic data cable in Cornwall

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

28th Jul, 2020. 01:23 pm
Google plans to build new transatlantic data cable in Cornwall

Google has decided to create a new undersea network data cable that will connect the US, UK, and Spain.

Google said that new technology is being incorporated in the data cable. It will be considered a meaningful upgrade to older existing lines. The company is likely to complete the new project by 2022.

According to Google’s estimate, underwater data cables are essential to global communications infrastructure. These cables carry around 98% of the world’s data.

The cables are usually created by communication companies, a group of them usually combine resources and then charge other companies to use them.

The latest cable named ‘Grace Hopper’ will connect the UK at Bude, in Cornwall. It is Google’s forth privately owned undersea cable.

John Delaney from telecoms analyst IDC said that Google requires “an ever-increasing amount of transatlantic bandwidth”.

“Building its own cables helps them choose cable routes that are most optimal,” and near data centers, he said.

“It also minimizes operational expenditure by reducing the need to pay telcos and other third-party cable owners for the use of their infrastructure.”

Jayne Stowell, who monitors the construction of Google’s undersea cable projects, informed the international news agency that it required an internet connection that could be relied upon.

“It’s not enough to have a single cable because any element in the network can break from time to time, and if it’s 8,000 meters under the sea, it takes a while to repair,” she said to the agency.

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