Samsung looks ahead to 6G, expects its availability to the masses in 2030

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2020. 10:50 am
Samsung 6G network

After the successful launch of 5G network in most parts of the world, whereas, some telecommunication companies like Samsung are already working on the future 6G network.

Samsung is already making plans to commercially launch the next generation of networking as soon as 2028. The company claims that 6G will go mainstream by 2030.

The company has published a white paper titled “The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All.”

This paper outlines the company’s plans regarding 6G networking and mentions all the requirements, technical and societal megatrends, services, and candidate technologies. It also details the expected timeline of standardization for 6G.

Samsung states:

“While 5G commercialization is still in its initial stage, it’s never too early to start preparing for 6G because it typically takes around ten years from the start of research to commercialization of a new generation of communications technology.”

According to Sunghyun Choi, Head of the Advanced Communications Research Center, the Korean tech giant has already launched research and development of 6G technologies.

It almost took years to transfer from one network to other. However, post-3G, 5G development took only eight years. Hence, Samsung plans to accelerate the process even further with 6G. The paper states that Samsung is expecting a peak data rate of 1,000 gigabits per second with air latency lower than 100 microseconds and 50 times the peak data rate of 5G.

However, this will require various optimizations to improve network design and overcome the limitations of mobile devices. Thus, 6G is still only theoretically possible.

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