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Google Assistant Snapshot: What’s new & how to use it?

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

30th Aug, 2020. 11:27 am
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Google Assistant Snapshot

What is Google Assistant Snapshot?

Google reworked on its Google Assistant Snapshot feed this year and added new cards to the service. The search engine said that with Snapshot it is focusing on three key areas which are aggregation, acceleration, and automation. However, few of these will be similar including weather updates, commute time, and due bills whether its credit card or your phone.

How to use Snapshot?

To make it easier, Google introduced a new voice command to open it — “Hey Google, show me my day”. You can use this command once you open the Google Assistant. However, for now, this functionality is only available for those using English as their default language. In the coming months, this command will be rolled out for other languages as well.

What’s new?

The summary of other important tasks will also be visible including reminders for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Snapshot will also let you tap on the birthday notification followed by the action you want to take which can be calling, texting, or even singing the birthday song.

Your snapshot will also change cards depending on the time of the day and your chats with Google Assistant.

On the other hand, it can show your nearest restaurants if you ask Google Assistant about that more often. It will also keep a track of what kind of podcasts you listen to, videos you watch to offer you customized recommendations.

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