WhatsApp, mobile space and the solution

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Aug, 2020. 07:42 pm
WhatsApp, mobile space and the solution

The world’s most used texting platform, WhatApp, is now working on a new design for their store manager. According to reports, the new design will enable users to see the space that the application occupies with all its files and chats.

The new update will supposedly allow the users to manage those files and chats in a user-friendly way. Allowing features such as moving files to different locations and even easily removing unnecessary files within all chats to free up space.

The team at WhatsApp has been testing this new interesting feature for a while now after realizing the utility of the app as a data-sharing app. A majority of users use the app for the transference of data other than text including images videos and sound-based files.

Generally, those files would continue being saved in one’s phones whilst the only way to manage or delete them was through other file managing applications. The new developments will allow users to manage those files more efficiently and effectively from within the application.

This update which was first seen in June is now in its final stages of development before it is released as a stable version.

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