iPhone 12: Apple’s device likely to come with a magnetic charger

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2020. 01:44 pm
iPhone 12 with magnetic charger

The much awaited iPhone 12 is expected to come with a magnetic wireless charger and fans are desperately waiting for its release.

A new video unveils the killer prototype feature that could be destined for the iPhone 12.

According to the details, the wireless charger designed specifically for the upcoming iPhone 12 family of smartphones is magnetic and it is combined with a disk-like shape.

“In other words, there won’t be any mucking about with trying to get the iPhone to correctly line up with the wireless charger: instead, this puck will likely just snap to the back of the handset and start charging,” read the article.

Since 2017, Apple’s iPhones have had wireless charging and the company is yet to make its own first-party wireless charging equipment.

However, the best wireless chargers are made by the likes of mophie, Logitech, and Belkin.

Moreover, the new device is expected to come with changes to Face ID, an improved camera and screen technology, and a much bigger battery.

It is also expected to come with 5G — the latest network technology that will allow blazing fast download speeds.


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