Microsoft Teams rolls out superb features including tasks app, other controls

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

01st Sep, 2020. 10:53 am
Microsoft teams new features

Microsoft has announced new features for Edge Browser, Teams and Windows 10 for the convenience of users working remotely. Have a look at these features.

Microsoft Teams recently brought in new tools for Android and iOS users. Microsoft has now announced new features for the desktop which may roll out for phones later. These features are listed below:

Tasks app: As the name suggests, the Tasks app is designed to help users prioritise and place their tasks in order. The Tasks app also comes with a Listview, Graph API, and Power Automate. As per the blog post, Power Automate is also getting new controls using the new “create a team” action, users can add up a new team to a business process.

For a selected message action: Users can create customised messages using the ‘for a selected message action’ feature on Teams. This will help them initiate critical business processes directly from a message. Another tool that Teams have brought in helps the owner keep a track of which member has been removed from the group.

Visio as a tab: Another new feature Team has added is ‘Visio as a tab’. This helps dedicated users share the content of common interest within a channel or a chat.

Sticky notes on Whiteboard: Microsoft has also brought in sticky notes on Whiteboard, which they can add on a canvas. They can also move or reorder objects in the canvas through drag and drop gestures.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge has also received some new features. Microsoft has introduced a picture dictionary that will help improve readability. Microsoft Edge has brought in five different highlighter colours, support for screen readers, and viewing and validating digital signatures with the built-in PDF reader.

It has also added Collections that allows one to export to OneNote. “When you send to OneNote, all your collected content retains its formatting, so you get visual links and all your notes organized neatly,” read the blog post.

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