US elections: Twitter tightens security for users

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Sep, 2020. 11:54 am
Twitter down

Twitter has taken steps to minimize the hacking of data during the US Election 2020. It is taking strong steps to tighten account security for several users.

As per the recent updates, the users will be informed about the security measures via an in-app notification.

The app announced in a recent blog post, “We’re taking the additional step of proactively implementing account security measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the US. Starting today, these accounts will be informed via an in-app notification from Twitter of some of the initial account security measures we will be requiring or strongly recommending going forward.”

The social media giant announced that the accounts that will be required to take steps to tighten their security are the US Executive Branch and Congress

  • US Governors and Secretaries of State
  • Presidential campaigns, political parties, and candidates with Twitter Election Labels running for US House, US Senate, or Governor
  • Major US news outlets and political journalists

Users falling into these categories will have to make a strong password. Twitter will enable Password to reset protection for the accounts by default.

“This is a setting that helps prevent unauthorized password changes by requiring an account to confirm its email address or phone number to initiate a password reset,” it noted.

Twitter also mentioned in the blog post that it would be enforcing extra layers of security, including,

  • More sophisticated detection and alerts to help us, and account holders, respond rapidly to suspicious activity
  •  Increased login defenses to prevent malicious account takeover attempts
  • Expedited account recovery support to ensure account security issues are resolved quickly.

Google and Twitter have announced that they are putting an end to the spread of misinformation online ahead of the US election 2020. The platforms expect that false posts may spread online before elections.

Twitter has planned to label and election-related tweets that are not correct and misleading. Tweets claiming victory before election results are likely to be blocked. Incorrect posts about ballot tampering will also be blocked.

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