Wikipedia Is All Set To Revamp After A Decade

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2020. 10:07 pm
Wikipedia Is All Set To Revamp After A Decade

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world and is being redesigned for the first time in 10 years.

People often turn to Wikipedia first on the internet for any topic and now it has been announced to make the desktop version more user friendly which will be introduced for 2 years.

The company said in a statement that they think it’s time to make some new ideas part of the readers’ default experience.

The company further stated that their goals are to make Wikimedia wikis more welcoming and to increase the utility amongst readers and maintain utility for existing editors.

“We will measure the increase of trust and positive sentiment towards our sites, and the utility of our sites”, the company added.

The statement said that in the coming years, the web team will conduct research and improve the desktop version.

One of the big changes will be access to the Contents tab, now it will be possible to go to any section without scrolling by accessing the top corner of the Contents table instead of scrolling and escaping sections.

In addition, the sidebar will be updated so that readers can focus more on it.

Similarly, a simple change of language will be possible with the click of a button.

Wikipedia is also improving its in-site search tool to make it easier for users to search for pages.

The Wikipedia logo will also be changed and made it more colourful.


The new site will be something like this

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