Apple to bring more emojis with the upcoming iOS 14.2 update

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2020. 10:48 am
Apple iOS update

Apple is currently testing iOS 14.2 update for its users. The company has released the beta version for the testers and will come with a lot of new emojis.

As per emojipedia, Apple will get a host of new emojis in the next iOS update. The emojis were spotted in the beta version of iOS 14.2. Some of the emojis that were spotted are transgender, new sea animals like seal, needle and thread, skating shoes, and more.

Apple has included emojis of a man in wearing a veil and a woman in Tuxedo, making it more gender-neutral. Another set of emojis shows a man, woman, a girl feeding milk to a baby, highlighting the gender roles.

The new set of emojis will also see some prominent insects such as a cockroach, which is extremely well-articulated, a fly.

Apart from the iPhone users, the MacBook users will also get to experience the new set of emojis.

Earlier, it was revealed that the much awaited iPhone 12 will come with a magnetic wireless charger.

A new video unveils the killer prototype feature that could be destined for the iPhone 12.

According to the details, the wireless charger designed specifically for the upcoming iPhone 12 family of smartphones is magnetic and it is combined with a disk-like shape.

However, it is also expected to come with 5G — the latest network technology that will allow blazing fast download speeds.

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