Countdown begins: Apple to unveil iPhone 12 tonight

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Oct, 2020. 11:14 am
Apple iPhone 12

The countdown begins as Apple is finally going to release iPhone 12 tonight at 10 pm.

This time, Apple is likely to reveal the new model powered by a new type of chip.

The new chip will allow owners to perform several functions such as 4K video, enhance high-resolution photos and play graphically-intensive video games more smoothly than was possible before while using less battery power.

According to BBC, The “five-nanometre process” involved refers to the fact that the chip’s transistors have been shrunk down – the tiny on-off switches are now only about 25 atoms wide – allowing billions more to be packed in. It eventually implies more brainpower.

What is this new chip?

Many industry insiders expected the advance could be delivered so soon.

That it has been, is in large part down to the ingenuity of a relatively obscure Dutch company – ASML.

“At such small scales precision is key,” said Dr. Ian Cutress, who reports on the sector for Anandtech.

“What they’re doing is akin to hitting a stamp on the surface of Mars with a paper aeroplane.”

“We take a molten droplet of tin and we fire a high-power industrial laser onto it, which basically vaporizes it and creates a plasma,” explained spokesman Sander Hofman.

“And that plasma shines UV light.

“This all happens 50,000 times a second – so 50,000 droplets get hit – which creates enough light for us to capture with a series of mirrors – the flattest in the world.”

He added that the blueprint of the chip’s design is encoded into the light by passing it through a mask and then contracting it with lenses.

It then hits a light-sensitive coating on a silicon wafer, causing the chip’s design to be “printed”.

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