Huawei Mate 40 Phone launch with chip freeze technology

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

24th Oct, 2020. 08:11 pm

Huawei Mate 40 Phone launch with chip freeze technology

Huawei has revealed that its Mate 40 smart phone has more features and supplicated processor than Apple’s IPhone Processor.

The component was made with the same “5-nanometer” technology as its United States rival’s chip and contains billions more transistors.

As the result comes with the Chinese claims its phones were more powerful than Apple. Though Huawei is facing chips ban from US.

It means that once its stockpile of the Kirin 9000 processors runs out, it will goes unable to more handsets.

At present, only Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung have the expertise and equipment to manufacture 5nm chips.

But both are prohibited to supply Huawei with them or any other semiconductor product whose creation includes “US technology and software”.

The United States says,

The move has been taken on national security grounds, but Huawei denies posing a threat to United States.

Though, in an online presentation, the company’s customer devices Chief Richard Yu recognized the ban was “making the situation extremely difficult for us”.

Huawei also faced other previous limitations placed on it by US, which have banned any of the devices it has hurled since mid-2019 from providing access to some of Google play services, including its Play Store.

In spite of this, Huawei leftovers the world’s third-bestselling smartphone-maker, and the market leader in its home country.

Request for the Mate 40 series is predicted to be strong, but despite this, amid US sanctions, module restraints may limit the total quantity of new Kirin powered processors smartphones Huawei can produce.

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