Messaging service is going to be terminated

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

17th Oct, 2020. 12:10 am

Details show that technology has been transferred to a private messaging service. Hangout to be terminated and also announced that its users are to going shift towards Google chat.  

Google has announced through a post that in the first term of the 2021 all the users are going to shift towards Google chat.

This post explains that in order to facilitate this migration, the accounts of the users of Google Hangouts will be transferred to Google Chat with their contacts and secure history.

According to Google, in order to implement the rules and regulations introduced in the European Union and the United States from 2021, it was necessary to remove call phone features from the hangout.

According to reports, Hangout users will start getting refunds for calling credits this month.

Google launched this cross-platform messaging application in 2013.

It is clear that, in the upcoming year this service is terminated permanently.

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