New device wearable sensors can sense human motion

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

16th Oct, 2020. 09:14 pm
Wearable sensors

The arrival of new low cost wearable sensors that can screens your heart rate and body temperature as well as your blood pressure and metabolic stats, it is never before possible for health professionals to measure your health statistics. But as all the electronic devices, these wearable sensors need source of electricity. Batteries are another option but you can’t handle it all the time because of its heavy weight.

Caltech’s Wei Gao assistant professor of medical engineering in the Andrew and peggy department is trying to made these sensors as well as the new approaches to supply power using human body. Earlier they created a sensor that could screen health indicators in human sweat which is powered by sweat itself.

Now, Gao has been developed a new method to supply power to wearable sensors. He yields the “kinetic energy” that is produced by a person as they move around here and there.

The power yields is done through with a sandwich of materials (Teflon, copper, and polyamide) who are attached to the person’s skin. As the person moves these sheets of materialistic rubs against a sliding layer which is made up of copper and polyamide that can generate little amount of electricity. This result is known as turbo electricity.

Gao eventually likes to run his Wearable sensors using power which is generated by multiple methods like an example a wearable sensor may use electricity generated from sweat, a turbo electricity generator and small wearable solar panels.

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