Room temperature superconductors could transfigure the electrical grid

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

15th Oct, 2020. 05:29 pm

Scientists have come across superconductors which display a property at room temperature. Technologists have been on the lookout for such material and this is one of its kind.

The substance is a superconductor – electrical current flows through efficiently, with no energy wasted as heat. Currently, researchers and scientists lose a lot of the energy generated because of the electrical resistance. The energy is wasted as heat.

Room temperature superconductor materials can bring about a big change to the electrical grid. Until now, in order to achieve superconductivity, it is required to cool down the materials to low temperatures. This property can be found close to the temperature known as absolute zero (-273. 15C).

Researches have been ongoing for a century. Physicists have made advancements and come across materials that superconduct electricity at higher and cold temperatures.

“Because of the limits of low temperature, materials with such extraordinary properties have not quite transformed the world in the way that many might have imagined,” said Dr Ranga Dias, from the University of Rochester, in New York.

“However, our discovery will break down these barriers and open the door to many potential applications.” He added that room temperature conductors “can definitely change the world as we know it”.

Battling the loss of losing out on more than 5% of energy could save billions of dollars for the US, and also have a positive impact on the climate.

Magnetic levitation is a feature of some superconductors and it can be used in levitated trains like the ones in Japan and China. Mass production of superconductors will be economically beneficial. Faster and more efficient electronics can be made as a result.

“With this kind of technology, you can take society into a superconducting society where you’ll never need things like batteries again,” said co-author Ashkan Salamat of the University of Nevada.

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