Smart speakers by Amazon turn out to be much beneficial: Survey

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

28th Oct, 2020. 11:38 am
Smart speakers

Smart technology is everyone’s demand these days. Previously, smart speakers were considered as a luxury but now, people are buying voice assistant-enabled speakers.

These smart speakers are used to control the lights and gadgets in the house, to ask basic things like temperature, timings of events, or listening to music.

According to a survey by Amazon, the voice assistant Alexa also played a major role in the increased usage of smart speakers. 43% of users in non-metro cities gave commands in easy languages. Users use the smart speaker for two and a half hours a day on average.

50% of non-metro cities customers bought the device because they wanted to create a smart home controlling TV, lights, AC, fans etc. After use, 47% also felt that their kids’ language and pronunciation skills improved.

Moreover, 52% of parents have also shared that their kids are learning better with the help of smart speakers, 55% of users enjoyed listening to music better.

During the survey, the placement of the devices was discussed as well and it was ascertained that 81% kept it in their living rooms.

However, the choices offered by Amazon for its smart speakers start from Rs 2,249 going up to over Rs 20,000.

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