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Will the new Samsung S21 Outflank Apple?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

28th Oct, 2020. 04:21 pm
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Samsung S21

Similar to Apple, Samsung also plans to ship its next prestigious series, Galaxy S21, without an in-box charger and earphones.

Apple took an eco-friendly approached and announced earlier that the new iPhone 12 would ship without chargers and EarPods. According to the company, doing this would reduce the phone’s environmental impact significantly since the Apple would use fewer raw materials for each cellular device sold.

Local news outlet, Chosun Biz, confirmed that Samsung is considering leaving all in-box accessories in order to lower the carbon footprint of each device and its compact packaging.

Samsung had been previously shipping a pair of wired ear buds, a USB cable and a charging brick with its S-series phone, starting from the first Galaxy S series to the latest Galaxy S20 series.

The fact that companies are mentioning a smartphone production’s impact on the environment seems deceptive as it benefits the company more than the environment. Not only will Samsung save money on packaging, but costs on shipping will also be reduced or cut.

Samsung releases at least three smartphones per series like most other smartphone manufacturers. Mostly the difference between the various models isn’t drastic. Which is why releasing two smartphones per series will reduce the carbon footprint more than just leaving out chargers and ear buds.

This trend set by Apple is not welcomed by many.

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