YouTube offers a lot more with updated distinctive features

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

27th Oct, 2020. 07:29 pm

YouTube is rolling out updates with a revamped design for the platform in order to make the service interactive and more user-friendly.

The new features come with gesture to control the playback options. The frequently used buttons have been rearranged and moved to a prominent location which saves time.

The five significant changes made are:

Video Chapters

The new feature allows users to navigate through the video with chapters. There is an option to jump forward to a certain section by viewing the chapters in a list form with their designated minutes.

Streamlined Player Page

The buttons have been moved to the video’s top right side in order to make the video captions more accessible. This is inclusive of the auto-play toggle.

Gesture Controls

In addition to the double tab, fast forward and rewind 10 seconds, YouTube has added more gestures. The new ones include:

  • Swiping up to enter full screen mode, and down to exit
  • Tapping the timestamp to check how much time is counting down versus the time elapsed in a video

Suggested Actions

The suggested actions will alert the user when it is better to rotate the phone or play a video in VR when the app thinks it can provide a better experience.

Bedtime reminders

A new digital well-being tool has been introduced by YouTube. It lets users set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and retreat to bed.

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