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Android users are about to lose advantage over IPhone users

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

23rd Nov, 2020. 08:59 pm
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Android users are about to lose advantage over IPhone users

Google is making some nonsense changes to the way of its back-up photos to its default running app on the majority of the android users and for IPhone users this change will seems familiar.

There are a number of differences between Android and iPhone, but one that Google has been keen to point out in a series of ads over the years is the free unlimited storage available in Google Photos, compared to the 5GB free cloud storage on offer from Apple for all iPhone owners.

In a series of adverts, Google mocked the “low storage” warning box that can appear when trying to take a photo – touting that Android users would be able to automatically back-up their images to its servers in a high-quality format without paying a money.

Regrettably, that has now changed. After five years of offering users free photo back-up in its compressed “high quality” format, Google Photos will now start charging for storage plans as soon as users fill the free 15GB allowance that comes with every Google Account. The change is scheduled to kick-in from June 1, 2021. So, you’ve got a few more months to take advantage of the offer and back-up your treasured family snaps.

Google also plans to delete data from inactive accounts, which it defines as any accounts that haven’t been logged in to for two years.

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