Apple has to pay $113 Million to Over 30 US States

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

19th Nov, 2020. 10:57 pm
Apple has to pay $113 Million to Over 30 US States

Apple has decided to pay $113 million to settle complaint with more than 30 US states over its slowdown in performance of older iPhones to manage battery power.

The latest “batterygate” payment will divide the settlement among California and 33 other states, according to a statement by state Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

The settlement resolutions complaints that the tech giant made distortions about iPhone batteries and software updates that regulated processing performance to manage insufficient battery power, according to the state official.

“This type of behavior hurts the pockets of customers and bounds their ability to make informed purchases”

Today’s settlement guarantees customers will have access to the information they need to make a well-informed decision when purchasing and using Apple products.

The settlement resolves complaints about Apple’s iPhone 6 and 7 generation phones which according to the states’ complaint were vulnerable to performance loss.

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