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Business catalogues on WhatsApp are now just a tap away

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

10th Nov, 2020. 05:32 pm
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Business catalogues

WhatsApp’s latest feature is a shopping button which lets users have a quick look at the catalogues being offered by businesses on the platform.

The new button will be placed on the chat screen, in place of the voice call button in order to ease shopping on WhatsApp.

The Facebook-owned company added the shopping button in September so that businesses could better showcase their products and services to customers. This feature was initially seen on a WhatsApp beta version for Android. However, it is now being extended to Android and iPhone users globally.

With the new option, users can look at business’ catalogues directly from the chat screen. The shopping button can be seen on the chat screen of businesses that have a catalogue of their offerings.

One tap on the button will take you to the business’ catalogue from where their goods and services can be purchased. This will aid business on WhatsApp to enhance discovery of their products and boost their sales.

The catalogue feature was enabled in November last year to let small businesses showcase their products to users. The categories can also be accessed from their profiles on the app.

WhatsApp claimed that more than 17.5 crore users message a WhatsApp Business account on a daily basis. About 4 crore people view business catalogues through the app every month.

The new addition of the shopping button is one of the key steps to expand business and make the platform fully fledged for e-commerce, along with being a leading instant messaging app.

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