Cool off with your personal person-tracking smart fan

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

30th Nov, 2020. 03:05 pm
person-tracking smart fan

The Following Fan is the latest cool gadget to own. It is a person tracking smart fan which uses computer vision to stay pointed at the person.

The high-tech fan is both, smart as well as powerful. In addition to person tracking, the integrated camera and computer enables the fan to save energy by automatically sleeping when no one is around in sight.

Following Fan is a powerful and durable device with 20 inch aluminum blades and a steel frame.

The speed and modes can be selected manually:  stationary, oscillation, and tracking.

Following Fan uses patent-pending technology to detect and track people in the real world at an affordable price. It is engineered with simplicity and privacy in mind. This person-tracking smart fan has no network connection.

Experience the future of fans today with your Following Fan device.

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