Google Maps updates help with driving & delivery in the Pandemic time

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

18th Nov, 2020. 10:56 pm

Google is rolling out new multiple Maps updates that will help in dealing with the realities of the pandemic.

There’s also an Assistant driving mode preview that reads your texts or else keeps your eyes on the road.

The COVID-19 pandemic will appear over the holiday season, and Google is shimmering that reality in its navigation app. The company is rolling out new updates to Google Maps that help you navigate the COVID-19 landscape mode.

Both those updates will reach in the “coming weeks.” Said by Google.

You will have an easier time tracking meals if you decide to order in. Google Maps mobile users in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Germany now have the option to track food takeout and delivery orders in real time.

You will need to have ordered through Maps, but you will know when it’s time to pick up an order or how close a delivery might be to your door. You’ll also see delivery fees, wait times, and an option to reorder previous orders. You will even see your booking status at restaurants, though that clearly won’t be useful while the pandemic waves on.

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